Crows - Allison Moorer
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  • Summary: Since 2009's covers collection "Mockingbird," Allison Moorer felt it was time to do something entirely different for her next record. The country-folk singer-songwriter releases her first collection of original material in four years. It features guitarist Joe McMahan, a former member of Moorer's road band for Miss Fortune; and bassist Brad Jones, who contributed to Getting Somewhere. Expand
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  1. Wringing beauty from her pain, Moorer creates music that illustrates an age-old truism: Without sorrow, there is no joy.
  2. With her songwriting on point (she's always had a weakness for obvious, forced rhymes, but her discovery of slant and blank rhyme leave just a couple such offenders intact) and with her distinctive contralto in exquisite form, Moorer's performance here is arguably a career best.
  3. Though the disc starts off unhurried and threatens to dawdle, the gentle lilt of "Goodbye to the Ground," makes for one of Moorer's most creative efforts to date.
  4. Moorer strips away the nursery rhymes that sometimes plagued her output and instead focuses on song narratives that break from traditional verse-chorus-verse-chorus structure. The result is richly rewarding.
  5. Covering the likes of Joni Mitchell, Patti Smith, and Nina Simone on last year’s “Mockingbird’’ seems to have rubbed off on her. “Crows’’ is a striking album.
  6. 70
    The songs could use more steam, but Crows reveals yet another color in Moorer's palette.
  7. Crows isn’t without merit—Moorer’s voice is beautiful, and the themes are on an emotional canvas that anyone over 13 with a normal amount of chromosomes has experienced, making her album relatable if not particularly memorable.

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