Curtis - 50 Cent

Mixed or average reviews - based on 22 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 9 out of 22
  2. Negative: 4 out of 22
  1. Curtis seems surprisingly modest. The album is neither as contagious as "Get Rich or Die Tryin'" (apparently it's possible to have an entire album stuck in your head) nor as devious as "The Massacre."
  2. What the two boil down to is that a parvenu mastering pop music for money has turned into a made man running on vanity. I find that this renders his expert trivialization of murder and such rather less piquant, and I think he does too--that an audacious formal delight has become routine.
  3. It's a solid performance, that is both better and worse than it could have been.
  4. Nothing on Curtis is great, but everything is listenable or better.
  5. In the end, Curtis is entertaining but only impressive in that 50 can run in place and still be on top.
  6. The I-need-love pop tunes are not getting any better, even with Timbaland and Justin Timberlake in the stripper ditty 'AYO Technology.' 'Follow My Lead” is an inexplicable Robin Thicke duet and 'Amusement Park' is even sillier. Much better is 'All of Me,' with Mary J. Blige. Wailing, "I got a feeling like I'm fiending on crack," Blige steals the show without even trying.
  7. Curtis is stuffed with tightly wound 21st-century pop songwriting, full of that invisible craft and flow that renders a thing eminently listenable even if it's gratuitously raunchy, politically reprehensible, and sexually retrograde.
  8. It's a solidly above-average rap record, featuring a generous handful of very likeable songs and only two unqualified duds.
  9. In the end, Curtis is nothing more than a competent corporate product. [21 Sep 2007, p.84]
  10. 60
    It's unfortunate that "Interscope Jackson" spends so much time here trying to ply believable tough talk--highlights arrive when Fiddy embraces his current, lavish lifestyle.
  11. 'My Gun' is one of the best tracks Fifty's lent his name to; Adam Deitch and Eric Krasno's skilful production keeps the tension bubbling just below the surface with a muted hard rock guitar riff; 50's rhyme and flow is more varied and expressive than his usual monotone drawl.... The remainder of the album is as inconsistent as Fifty’s career to date.
  12. Though the album is good, for an artist of 50 Cent's caliber, it's not great.
  13. He's still capable of cranking out a great single and the occasional clever verse, but he's yet to master the art of making a satisfying album rather than delivering a random assortment of demographic-pandering tracks.
  14. 50's new album is a blatant rehash--a bottom-line sequel that insults the same audience it mindlessly panders to.
  15. What's missing where these lame boasts exist in Curtis is the vulnerability of moments on The Massacre (especially 'A Baltimore Love Thing') or any of the rich narrative that graced his first album, not to mention any of the goofy, sing-along catchiness that previously made his singles chart events. Musically 50's collaborators don't feel like they've brought anything near their best to the table.
  16. Curtis doesn't sound like it was much fun to make, and it isn't much fun to listen to.
  17. 50 is back with his larger-than-life persona and even bigger Mack 11, remaking his classic first album for the second time, with tiresome results.
  18. Shooting people, no-strings-attached sex and being a millionaire has never sounded so boring.
  19. There isn’t an ounce of life in Curtis.
  20. 50 doesn't fare any better on the softer side: 'Amusement Park' proves he's one of the worst lyricists alive.... It's not just the metaphors, though, it's the execution.
  21. A 55-minute mess called Curtis, undoubtedly one of this year’s worst releases.
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  2. Negative: 65 out of 93
  1. JeremyW.
    Nov 27, 2007
    Definitely not as good as his previous albums, a few memorable tracks then lots of filler. Nothing new here.
  2. Ex
    Sep 13, 2007
    Formulas are a double-edged sword. They are the telltale mark of a conservative. Conservative people, once they've found a formula that works, stick unflaggingly to the same routine. The problem is that, in a world a formulas, nothing new would ever be created. Even so, 50 Cent's formula of two-to-three half-assed verses and a poorly-sung hook wasn't all that interesting in the first place. To be fair to 50, by now the actual recording process is most likely just a formality for him. He doesn't make his money by spending a lot of time on making great songs, now does he? He makes his money by keeping himself on the news and selling Vitamin Water. So I hesitate to even review this album, as it's almost unnecessary. But alas, I will. To be fair to 50 though, I'll try to keep it brief. The intro is a clip from the 2002 film Shooters, which really has nothing to do with 50 Cent or this album, except for the fact that it features a lot of guns. So I'm guessing the intro serves to let us know that 50 Cent likes guns and movies about guns; and that he's probably going to rap about guns. Well what do you know? The first track is called "My Gun". It's produced by Adam Deitch and Eric Krasno but the beat is a clear ripoff of a circa-2003 Eminem production. 50 Cent even style-bites his employer a little bit. The next track "Man Down" is about guns and killing people too. So is the next track, "I'll Still Kill" (not surprisingly). It features Akon, who has the impudence to guest on everything from socially critical tracks with India.Arie, to a song called "Bartender" even though he is an avid non-drinker, to songs about murdering people with 50 Cent. The beat to this sounds a lot like Dre/Eminem as well. I like "I Get Money", partly because it's the only completely honest song on the album. Being rich is one thing that 50 Cent doesn't have to lie about, and despite 50's trademark laid back flow, you can tell the extreme boost of charisma he has on a song about something he actually participates in currently. Beyond that, the old-school drum rhythm works perfectly with Fiddy's bouncy flow, and the 90's-style sampled hook is a needed departure from the terrible singing that's usually found in his choruses. Speaking of choruses, Justin Timberlake provides a strange one for "Ayo Technology". 50 Cent, Justin Timberlake, and Timbaland should never collab again. Or maybe if they do, they should consider something other than a double-timed song with a beat that sounds like something from an Nintendo game. Also I think this song is about watching pornography, which is kind unique, but also kind of weird. Strangely enough, the collab with one white-guy-who-does-black-music fails, but the collab with the other white-guy-who-does-black-music kind of works out. "Follow My Lead" featuring Robin Thicke sounds alot of like the previous hit "21 Questions", but that song was good so that's okay, and as we've established anyway, 50's a man of formulas. More songs about being rich and killing people, and of course "Amusement Park", which is the logical follow up to "Magic Stick" and "Candy Shop" as the obligatory corny double-entendre single. Unlike its predecessors, however, the beat (created by the Dangerous LLC production team) for "Amusement Park" is delightful, and its a shame that it was wasted on such a dumb song. A lot of the songs sound like the producer was specifically requested to mimic Dr. Dre or Eminem's style; I suppose because that's part of 50's formula. There is a song produced by Eminem though, and one produced by Dr. Dre. The former, "Peep Show" features Eminem on the mic as well, and his verse is the best verse on the album. He actually doesn't try to act "hard" like he usually does when he's within ten feet of 50 cent. On this track he's the psychopath that America fell in love with seven years ago; turning 50's peep show into a "creep show". Dr. Dre's production features Young Buck on the pre-chorus and Nicole Scherzinger (you know, the only Pussycat Doll that's talented). Scherzinger's presence is a welcome break to 50's general monotony, and the combination of her sexy vocals and an authentic Dr. Dre beat gives the song a little boost. Unfortunately 50 Cent still has to rap on it. Like I said, 50 knows that he doesn't have to be creative, or even interesting (beyond the general appeal of being a guy who used to sell crack and shoot people) to sell records, and Curtis is evidence of that fact, especially considering this album came out two days ago and has sold about a half a million already. And Curtis isn't creative, and not very interesting either. The production is fairly solid, but it pales in comparison to the mostly-Dre produced Get Rich or Die Trying and even The Massacre which featured Eminem, Dr. Dre, Scott Storch, and Hi-Tek among others. Well-produced and interesting tracks like "I Get Money" and "Follow My Lead" help, but overall the album is a snooze-fest. Full Review »
  3. Jun 15, 2013
    by far his worst album. loads of filler, bad tracks everywhere, terrible. it had one good song "i get money", and considering that song is get rich or die trying good, i will give this a 5. Full Review »