Cuts Across The Land - The Duke Spirit
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  • Summary: The UK rockers (making their full-length debut with this Flood- and Simon Raymonde-produced disc) are fronted by Liela Moss, who has drawn comparisons to Patti Smith and PJ Harvey.
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  1. Decidedly raw and unprocessed. [#13, p.91]
  2. They've got an amazing musical connection between them and its evident on this tight, pulsating, thumping record.
  3. Cuts Across the Land is a strong, self-assured debut, even if the Duke Spirit needs to work a little harder to escape the long shadow of their forebears.
  4. Cuts Across the Land is an impressive debut from a promisingly assured and frequently striking group.
  5. An energised and impassioned, justly confident debut.
  6. 60
    Retains a uniform ambience of savage, unsmiling riffing. [Jun 2005, p.114]
  7. Even on repeated listens, the search for the showy dazzle of The Killers, the lyrical tomfoolery of the Kaiser Chiefs or the sheer stadium smartness of Franz Ferdinand proves fruitless, and it becomes apparent that, in an age where indie's proving to be the stronghold of overachievers, 'Cuts Across The Land' may have missed its moment.

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