Damn Right Rebel Proud

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  • Summary: From a family of famous country singer, the younger Hank Williams brings more rock music to his sixth album.

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3 Shades of Black
3 shades of black is where I come from. Depression, Missery, and Hellacious fun. No we're not the kind to turn our backs and run coz 3 shades of... See the rest of the song lyrics
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  1. Hank Williams III has always respected his lineage, but he gives it even more love at the outset of his poignant and pugnacious sixth album.
  2. Mojo
    Though he can give good ballad he mostly sticks to what suits his gritty vocal and his attitude best: speed-grass. [Dec 2008, p.108]
  3. Damn Right Rebel Proud seethes with an energy and a perspective that's too often lacking today, and it reaffirms that it's far more than just his name that makes Williams one of the genre's most vital artists.
  4. Hank Williams III certainly isn’t the hillbilly Shakespeare. Hell, he isn’t even the hillbilly Alexander Pope. But he gets the job done.
  5. From a musical standpoint, Damn Right, Rebel Proud is every bit as solid as "Straight to Hell;"...But lyrically, too much of the time all Hank has to tell us is he's messed up and ready to rearrange some faces.
  6. The subject matter is well-trod, but Hank III keeps things engaging, thanks to a country-punk sound with a strange bent.
  7. Cliché-ridden and full of awkward rhymes and stilted phrasings, his songs are too often fixated on his own bad self, on celebrating his excesses, romanticizing their dark side, and asserting his outlaw bona fides.

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  1. RobE.
    Nov 22, 2008
    Kicks ass unlike most country "outlaw" sell outs.