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  • Summary: This is the third full-length for the Detroit garage rockers led by guitarist Mick Collins (ex of the Gories) and featuring a supersized rhythm section of two bass players and two drummers. Included in early versions are bonus covers of Brian Eno's "King's Lead Hat" and Robyn Hitchcock's "Executioner of Love." Collapse
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  1. 100
    Dangerous Magical Noise is rock and roll at its pure, shaggy best. If you're tired of that, you're tired of life.
  2. Collins's way with a hook has blown up into a stack of tunes that stick, ranging from cranked-up faux-arena rock to spine-shaking rhythm and staccato bounce.
  3. Stubbornly lo-fi and expectedly scrappy, the album is also tremendously listenable, a rhythmic, leg-flailing romp through vintage soul cool, glam boogie, classic rock thrash, and punk bravado.
  4. It’s a glorious low-frequency hootenanny that slurs soul, punk, psych-rock, and pop until you’re not sure what language you’re hearing anymore.
  5. Tunes like "Sun is Shining" and "Stop" highlight Collins' surprisingly soulful voice and separate Dangerous ... from the innumerable garage albums released weekly.
  6. They are clearly a band of great musical knowledge and breadth, yet manage to avoid coming off as pale pastiches of other great bands. [#5, p.100]
  7. Hit or miss. [Dec 2003, p.154]

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  1. DrunkenMaster
    Aug 31, 2006
    Rock and roll at its best: a tasty Motown tribute with a spicy punk rock center. If your booty don't move you're dead or a republican (which is worse). Expand