Dark End Of The Street [EP]

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  • Summary: The EP contains six songs from the "Jukebox" recording sessions.
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  1. But like everything here, it documents the unlikely transformation of an emotive indie rocker into a bona fide soul singer.
  2. Even though these covers are often terrific--and a solid part of Marshall's repertoire by now--they still don't match the majesty of Cat Power performing Cat Power songs.
  3. The mood once again leans toward languorous bliss, and the singing is casually devastating. And none of the covers ever falls victim to flat contrivance (except maybe John Fogerty’s 'Fortunate Son,' slowed to a dirge).
  4. The songs on the Dark End of the Street EP are well-sung and nicely arranged, but they are missing that vital thing that turns a song into a necessary document of feeling and experience.
  5. Uncut
    Anyone still reeling from Chan Marshall's sultry and imperious covers collection, "Jukebox," will find further thrills on this six track mini-album.
  6. On the surface it’s all nicely put together but almost all these covers lack the passion.
  7. Her own versions aim at some druggily evocative conception of 60s soul, which makes them pale next to the originals.

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