Deathsentences of the Polished & Structurally Weak Image

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  • Summary: Part book, part CD, this latest effort from the Bay Area collective was inspired by a trip to an auto junkyard. The jokes, satire, and subversion found in previous releases is absent this time around, instead replaced by a collection of letters and writings found in the auto wrecks presented in a 64-page full-color book, and, on the CD, a lyric- and melody- free noise assault that, as the band suggests, is the sound of their studio being destroyed in a car crash. Expand
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  1. 70
    Even at 42 minutes, it's hard to take iin at one sitting. But it recalls ambinet Eno and Nurse With Wound's Spiral Insana by effectively blending abrasive elements with moody atmosphere. [#56, p.101]
  2. Deathsentences' series of white-noise sculptures is certainly interesting, but the materials that accompany it will have a far more lasting effect upon your consciousness.
  3. While the idea of delving into the cars of local wrecking yards and their contents is an interesting one, the music that emerges from it is noticeably weak, in comparison to other works in the genre.
  4. A free-flowing, just cohesive enough forty-five minute listen that, in keeping with the booklet contents, has an air of strange melancholy throughout, perhaps most evident on the album's haunting heart, "Cherry."
  5. 60
    Negativland's chugging cacophony seems a fitting and grisly tribute to human road kill. [#11, p.138]
  6. Despite their best efforts, nothing on Deathsentences of the Polished and Structurally Weak is even half as interesting or poignant as the CD casing itself, and musically, the decision to focus on this album's mood and textures largely falls flat.
  7. 40
    The lovely packaging far outshines the formless and dated rumblings within. [Nov 2002, p.113]
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