Decent Work For Decent Pay

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  • Summary: The Grammy-nominated (for producing M.I.A.'s "Paper Planes") DJ Wesley "Diplo" Pentz releases his latest remix album, featuring works from a variety of indie-rock bands such as Bloc Party, CSS, and Spank Rock.
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  1. Diplo's original production work is the real joy of this compilation though, and probably the crowning gem is 'Solta O Frango,' from the sublime Bonde Do Role album.
  2. You can quibble with the track list: Some arty blip-and-glitch drags things down a bit, and there's not much favela funk. But Work emphasizes Diplo's huge ears and fondness for warm, open-armed parties.
  3. the title of this collection gets it a little too right: It's decent, but seldom more.
  4. Uncut
    His own production work has been inconsistent. [Feb 2009, p.78]
  5. Like most remix comps, Decent Work is ultimately a grab-bag.
  6. Decent Work for Decent Pay is choppy and uneven, as many compilation albums are inevitably going to be.
  7. It has plenty of bracingly dynamic moments--a batucada-enhanced reworking of Samim's Heater, the lurching power of Kano's Reload It, the old-skool exuberance of Spank Rock's Put That Pussy On Me--but moments are all they remain.

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