Deliverance - Bubba Sparxxx
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  • Summary: Linebacker large, white, and very country, Bubba Sparxxx nevertheless became an overnight success with his 2001 hip-hop debut 'Dark Days, Bright Nights,' which was co-produced by Timbaland. This follow-up LP was also helmed by Timbaland and Organized Noize.
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  1. In a year that’s produced first-rate albums by OutKast and Lucinda Williams, Bubba, a self-proclaimed redneck from rural Georgia who most people pegged as a probable one-hit wonder three years ago, has beaten the odds and made both the hip-hop and country album of the year.
  2. Offering musical redemption for the New South's old hang-ups, Deliverance delivers.
  3. A sober rumination about life in the poor, white, rural South. [3 Oct 2003, p.72]
  4. Mixes hip-hop and country with ease and grace.
  5. It's when Bubba stays with his Southern roots... that he really shines. [Oct 2003, p.100]
  6. An intense, brooding piece of work.
  7. I can respect the need to innovate in hip-hop, but variety here comes at a cost -- there's no coherent or consistent melodic through-line.

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  1. Jul 14, 2013
    Bubba Sparxxx is, quite simply, the most underrated artist in the history of hip hop. The lack of exposure this album got is nearly criminal. I guess he is occupying a strange space sonically, mixing country and rap and calling it "hick hop", you are going to alienate a lot of country fans by having all the rapping and beats and a lot of hip hop fans with all the country twang. If this album had come out in 2012 instead of 2003 I think it would have done a lot better, music distribution and discovery (via services like Spotify and Pandora) would have gotten it into the ears of a lot more people who would have loved it before they even had a chance to try to put a label on it.
    Teaming with Timbaland and a variety of artists from country singers to other MC's, Bubba put out what is probably the most honest album I have ever heard in any genre or era. He is at the peak of his powers here, matured from "Dark Days, Bright Nights", and not yet gun shy from the lack of commercial success from "Deliverance", which is how you get to "The Charm". While both those albums are (in my opinion) solid in their own right, here he shies away from absolutely nothing, and makes the album that he wants to make, the one that is musically who he is. He's unapologetic about the unlikely pairing of sounds because that's what makes sense to him. Lyrically this is by far his best album, and as on all his albums, his flow is unimpeachable, one of the most agile dudes on the mic you will ever hear.
    I guess my point is that if you are reading this and have never listened to "Deliverance", go buy it, right now and listen to it all the way through about a dozen times. I simply can't fathom how anybody who is at all a fan of hip hop would not love this album. It literally changed the way that I listen to music.

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