Descending Shadows

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  • Summary: Fred and Toody Cole, former members of the punk band Dead Moon formed Pierced Arrows with Kelly Halliburton to release the trio's debut album.
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  1. This music is fierce and anthemic without ever sounding pretentious, and Pierced Arrows show that a few decades of experience can actually be good for you in punk rock, a welcome revelation in a genre that thrives on youthful snot.
  2. While Descending Shadows (their second full-length and first for Vice) is leaner and mellower than anything they've done, it still barrels forth with the same haggard, long-fanged intent that made Dead Moon so great.
  3. It may not be earth-shattering, but it’s doubtful this album will ever sound dated.
  4. Although sloppiness normally both describes and compliments their sound, Shadows is messy with little to redeem it.
  5. Full-length Vice debut and second LP Descending Shadows has some good songs ("Paranoia," "Zip My Lip"), but it's no big stretch from Dead Moon's formula.