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  • Summary: This is the debut full-length album for the Japanese trio.
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  1. The trio dives even deeper into the grooves that drive their music, expanding them and streamlining them into something challenging yet fresh and immediate.
  2. Their new album, Destination Tokyo, casts a spell in unpolished ways, evoking a gritty hybrid of Krautrock, dance-rock and art-punk.
  3. Nisennenmondai maintain grooves until they reach a sort of anxious frenzy, then move to the next buildup. For all the repetitious melodies and rhythms that form the core of the record, they don't sacrifice subtlety or surprise.
  4. At just four songs, each hovering around the 10-minute mark, Destination Tokyo feels more like a peek than a coming-out party.
  5. 60
    The songs have parts that are memorable but your finger is always on the advance button. Overall, pretty good but could use some editing and improvement.
  6. Despite remaining content at being strictly imitative, Destination Tokyo is a largely satisfying collection of fringe music existing outside the lines of pop genres and conventionality.
  7. Strictly speaking not much has changed since this Japanese trio’s debut EP Neji/Tori washed up on North American shores, but somehow that previous effort had so much charming belligerence and ferocity and Destination Tokyo sounds bored and meandering.

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