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  • Summary: Portland-based Blitzen Trapper brings a haunting, ethereal touch to folk rock with their new album, blending twangy rock riffs with bittersweet piano-laced melodies to create beautiful stylistic textures.

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The Man Who Would Speak True
I had a lover, her name was Grace She found me down in a lonely place She dug me out with an old jaw bone She dressed me up for to take me home She... See the rest of the song lyrics
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  1. Void is an album by a band that’s mature enough to know what it wants and to focus its sound, but there’s a restlessness to these tracks that indicates it won’t be long before Blitzen Trapper strikes out for new territory.
  2. This is Blitzen Trapper’s fifth album, and there’s a sturdy professionalism evident on each of the songs. But it’s such a faithful recreation of a particular style that its appeal will in all likelihood be correspondingly limited.
  3. From track to track, singer/guitarist Eric Early and company bounce from folk rock to prog, psychedelic pop to southern rock without breaking a sweat, paying homage to their forefathers without ever ripping them off.
  4. The result is another opus-de-Americana washed in experimental folk-rock—a zealous, if unfocused, tale of back-road pain and otherworldly redemption.
  5. Technically impressive, immaculately arranged and performed, Destroyer of the Void removes the kitchen sink from the equation early in the record, which helps pave the way for Destroyer of the Void, the album, to unfold, and while there’s nothing here to match the instant gratification of songs like “God + Suicide” and the lovely title track from 2008’s Furr, there’s enough meat on these bones to suggest that the band hasn’t lost its knack for crafting spiritually charged, enigmatic woodcuts of 21st century Americana.
  6. Blitzen Trapper again channels a variety of sounds from the '60s through the '80s to meld its own genre on its latest release.
  7. Harpischord, bombast and multi-tracked vocals create an eerily outdated sound, setting Destroyer of the Void's stall as an overblown oddity.

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  1. Aug 27, 2010
    A self-assured collection of twelve songs spanning more than a half a dozen genres (folk, progressive, alt-country, psychedelic, pop...) yetA self-assured collection of twelve songs spanning more than a half a dozen genres (folk, progressive, alt-country, psychedelic, pop...) yet functioning as a cohesive whole, pastoral and strange simultaneously. Collapse