Detours - Sheryl Crow
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  • Summary: Sheryl Crow returns from an eventful few years with her latest record produced by Brian Bottrell, who also produced her debut.
Score distribution:
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  1. In Detours' subdued second half, though, Crow lays off the social commentary to address her own recent rough patches, with lyrics that grow more absorbing and intimate as Bottrell's eclecticism simmers down.
  2. Crow's progressive lyrics hit like rubber-band pings fired by some joker in the back row at school. No one is likely to sing her verses at a march on Washington. But by addressing serious issues in the language of pop, they remind us that political speech and casual breeze-shooting can and do often intersect.
  3. Crow has managed the nearly impossible: recording an album that's as intensely personal as it is fiercely political.
  4. Crow's earnest, adult-contemporary crooning isn't as musically subversive as that of her protest-singer predecessors, but some of the scrappier cuts here ('God Bless This Mess,' 'Shine Over Babylon') are genuinely compelling.
  5. What holds these fourteen songs together is Crow's unwavering emotional commitment.
  6. Cohesion’s where you find it, but headphone delights are everywhere.
  7. Detours clearly wants to be Bob Dylan but ends up being Bob Roberts instead.

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