Digi Snacks - The RZA
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  • Summary: The third album for the Wu-Tang Clan member as Bobby Digital features Thea and George Harrison's son as guest artists.
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  1. It's an album likely to confound and alienate, but its nooks are home to a rugged kookiness that no one but RZA could pull off.
  2. 80
    Experimentation and metamorphosis--of sound and of character--are the paragons of this alter ego, and RZA seems to be swimming in both these days. All the pieces fit, and when RZA goes Voltron, he’s at the top of his game.
  3. Fans of the first two albums might find it difficult to adjust, but Digi Snacks brings that "through the looking glass" feeling and offers a murky world unto itself, one where Wu-Tang Batmans and blaxploitation anime seem entirely possible.
  4. He finds a happy balance between dark and upbeat and keeps the complexities of his soundscapes relatively toned down without any apparent sacrifice in quality; the result is the most accessible RZA solo album yet.
  5. Live instrumentation and Billie Holidayesque vocal hooks make Digi Snacks colourful, though never particularly surprising.
  6. RZA's chaotic rhymes are still a treat, but they too, are not filling enough. [Summer 2008, p.94]
  7. 40
    This serves notice that the recent Wu-Tang renaissance may now be at an end. [Sep 2008, p.100]

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