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  • Summary: Philly's psychedelic Bardo Pond offer up a 72-minute, ten-track disc. This is their fifth official release, and like its predecessors, it continues the tradition of using a drug reference in the title.
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  1. Dilate proves that the members of Bardo Pond keep finding ways to reinvent their sound, surpassing themselves each time they do.
  2. For those patient enough to endure it, Dilate is an anesthetic high without the drugs. [4 May 2001, p.71]
  3. 80
    Blissed out, beautiful... and quite probably bonkers, with Dilate Bardo Pond seem intent on redrawing their personal cosmos's final frontiers yet again. [May 2001, p.100]
  4. Bardo Pond have become equally adept at making hearts and heads ache. [#155, p.68]
  5. While previous albums gave a studio sheen to the noise, Dilate has a looser, more spontaneous feel to it.
  6. Bardo Pond's most focused work to date. Who knows whether the group would take that as a compliment? [#206, p.61]
  7. It's a psychadelic haze of an album with layers upon layers of sound, many tracks so dense that lead singer Isobel Sollenberger just becomes another element.

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  1. Ezra
    Jun 24, 2006
    One of the greatest and most underrated bands of all time. Falls short of the absolute awesomeness of Lapsed, Amanita, Bufo Alvarius, and the collaborations with Roy Montgomery, but still destroys very muchly. Probably the druggiest band ever, with a sound like a bluesier, jammier, somewhat darker My Bloody Valentine. The songs can get huge. Expand