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  • Summary: Clinton consists of the duo behind Cornershop, Ben Ayres and Tjinder Singh. Features the single "People Power In The Disco Hour."
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  1. An album of impossibly adorable disco - Star Wars "ping p-p-p-ping ping" bits, cheesy synths, George Clinton (!...hmm) workouts... all delivered in a slightly unsettlingly ersatz kitschness, half-hinted ironies, indietastic samples, hip-hop phrasings and The Asian Influence seductive throughout.
  2. 80
    With a heavier emphasis on funky bottom end and infectious loops, it could be said that Disco is a much more dancefloor-oriented record, and, to that end, it may very well be. However, resting atop these funky beats is some refreshingly insightful lyricism.
  3. Here, the sinfully motivating stew results in a record that goes on and on in its repetitive jive, sucking the listener into the blissfully happy world of Hindi-rock.
  4. 60
    Neither as sonically striking or politically conscious as Cornershop's well-received 1997 release, When I Was Born for the Seventh Time, Disco and the Halfway to Discontent is definitely the type of album a band can make when success provides an opportunity to experiment.
  5. The unabashedly crude results suggest a lackadaisical slant on the Beastie Boys' garage-funk jams.
  6. A sultry dance album crammed with excellent tunes.
  7. While sometimes determinedly slight, these cunning community-minded grooves - People Power In The Disco Hour, in particular - do gradually insinuate their way into the affections.

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  1. nairn
    May 6, 2005
    freaky feelgood