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  • Summary: The fourth studio album for the Los Angeles duo features guest artists such as Jon Brion, Peter Hook, Justin Warfield, Emily Haines, and Jason Lytle.
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  1. Electronic music duo the Crystal Method hasn't lost its flair for funk and style as found on the act's debut release, "Vegas."
  2. 80
    Throughout the album, there are moments of brilliance that standout, but are quickly overshadowed by guest who seem to have been chosen against the groups’ better instincts. If you go in deep, and ignore the co-stars, Divided By Night itself is more than enough to shine on its own.
  3. Filter
    Divided By Night continues to raise the bar for the electro wizards. [Spring 2009, p.96]
  4. The prevalence of so many voices, in fact, transforms Divided By Night from a solid if predictable set of well-programmed, well-produced dance tunes into a rote compilation of pop songs.
  5. Divided By Night has few worthy moments and a whole bunch earmarked for the couple of "Fast & Furious" films. The guys still have the goods, but this album will not be well-remembered.
  6. 30
    Here's the Crystal Method with a not-so-fresh batch of rave-rock jock jams seemingly designed to advertise a car you can no longer afford.
  7. Alternative Press
    This is electronic by numbers. [Jun 2009, p.111]

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