Dongs of Sevotion


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  1. Every track on Dongs of Sevotion is chock-full of some of the most poignant, disconcerting lyrics you should ever have to hear.
  2. An album of stark beauty and utter honesty.
  3. A remarkably spare and focused collection?
  4. Back in the real world, fans of the disconnected Callahan know what to expect. They're a loyal breed who puzzle over his dryly funny lyrics and file the CDs next to Mark Eitzel and Nick Cave... His best yet.
  5. Recording with a small band that includes John McEntire (Tortoise, The Sea And Cake) on drums, Jeff Parker (Tortoise, Isotope 217) on guitar, and Matt Lux (Isotope 217) on bass, Callahan has created a surprisingly accessible and enjoyable pastiche of what makes him tick.
  6. Continues the musical evolution that was evident on last year's Knock Knock, with a collection that goes beyond Smog's standard home-alone-in-the-basement-with-a-four track-and-a-weird-mood aesthetic.
  7. As his musical repertoire has expanded from minimalist folk to occasionally playful pop, so has his tolerance for the foibles of the flesh. 'Dongs Of Sevotion', from its silly title to its intermittent flashes of tenderness and humour, is the proof.
  8. At first listen, this album is downbeat minimalism à la Leonard Cohen, but it actually covers a lot of ground.
  9. 70
    Callahan has a gift for expressing complex human issues -- death, depression, retribution, separation -- through uncomplicated language.
  10. Callahan's songs occasionally lapse into banal rhyming patterns, but more often than not he masters the metaphor.
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Universal acclaim- based on 10 Ratings

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  1. LeonardoF
    Jul 5, 2005
    Lyrically and melodically brilliant.
  2. KevinK
    Apr 29, 2005
    "Dongs of Sevotion" succeeds, despite its annoying title. Most fans of smog or (smog), will enjoy this release, as it combines some of the "Dongs of Sevotion" succeeds, despite its annoying title. Most fans of smog or (smog), will enjoy this release, as it combines some of the finer elements of "Knock Knock" and "Red Apple Falls". Lyrically, Bill Callahan is at his best with sardonic gems like "Dress Sexy At My Funeral" and "Permanent Smile". In short, fans of melody, cunning lyrics, or (smog) in general will find this album an enjoyable addition to their library. Full Review »
  3. RyanC
    Feb 22, 2005
    If the last track here doesnt make you stop what you are doing and feel a shiver, then you are possibly not human