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  • Summary: The second full-length studio album for the quartet from San Francisco.
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  1. So, less shoegazing and ’80s pop, more Doors and ZZ Top. Still magnificent, though.
  2. The rest of Dos can't quite keep the pulse of those initial salvos. Staying inventive within the confines of repetition is sometimes too much for the band to muster. But Johnson's fiery playing is impressive throughout.
  3. Dos offers proof that, while less may indeed be more, Wooden Shjips give you more of less.
  4. Q Magazine
    The quartet's unhurried groove-based approach makes for a captivating listen. [Jun 2009, p.134]
  5. Their second full album creates psychedelic intensity by combining the insistent rhythms of early 70s German bands with a fearsomely primitive garage sound.
  6. Dos works as great background music, but simply isn’t consistently engaging. On the other hand, it succeeds as an exercise in minimalist rock deconstructivism, so choose your poison.
  7. If you put Dos on, then do something else that demands more of your attention. You’ll feel better about whatever it is that you’re doing. That’s as ringing of an endorsement as I can muster.

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