Dr. Dooom 2


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  1. The record’s terminal mission aside, Keith’s latest exploit is one more chance to befuddle insipid rappers and flex his uncalculated argot.
  2. Even the most open-minded hip-hop heads might dismiss it simply based on Keith’s age and inconsistency over the past few years. But there are still shades of brilliance throughout, both in the raps and Kurt’s spacey production, so this one deserves at least a couple of spins before you look elsewhere.
  3. The Wire
    Keith's industry gripes are implicit from his two decade career as the Absurd Outside Rapper--so it's a shame he feels the need to come so blunt. [Dec 2008, p.74]
  4. Alternative Press
    Maybe if Keith had spent more time on his lyrics and less time watching reality TV, this would be a better album. [Dec 2008, p.152]
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  1. mikem.
    May 31, 2009
    Some of the press is hating b/c he dissed them on the album. bunch of critics who really have no idea what they are talikng about.