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  1. Nov 24, 2010
    Some of these critic reviews are amazing. It's the same ol' story: band comes up with a few well-reviewed albums, then according to the critics, the diminish in significance or creativity, and when they come back, they're washouts. As an Azure Ray fan I can say it's almost as good as Hold On Love, or perhaps better. I've seen them live recently and I can say they sound much better live than they did 7 years ago. Call it confidence or experience or age, it's obvious that they have polished themselves as musicians and singers, as good as they were 7 years ago. I saw them in Phoenix a few months ago where they had a pretty good reception (about 50 madly cheering fans). This is opposed to 7 years ago when there were about 20 people there to see them, if that. I wish them much more success than that. I can't wait until I see them play a basketball arena or something. They would deserve it. Full Review »