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  • Summary: The latest from Neil Young's Archives Performance Series features live songs from various appearances in 1992 before the release of "Harvest Moon."
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  1. 100
    What's absolutely consistent is Young's almost alchemical ability to mesmerise with the sparest of tools - his reedy quaver and sturdy but unflashy accompaniment providing the only embellishments to his elliptical lyrics and aching melodies. [Jan 2010, p. 120]
  2. The lack of ornamentation suits the album's themes, as the narrator wrestles with reconciling his youthful ambitions with middle-age reality.
  3. 80
    If harvest Moon ever threatened to melt your teetch, now's the chance to really bite down. If You already love iut, you can get a sugar rush all over again. Win-win. [Feb 2010, p.112]
  4. On its own merits, this is an enjoyable record, featuring some of Young’s best ’90s songs.
  5. Some of the songs do gain a degree of poignancy in this bare-bones setting, which doesn’t make them better, just different, and certainly worth hearing for those fans dedicated enough to care.
  6. Problem is, the track order is the only major variation; these performances, though stripped down and sans backing vocals, are far too similar to the album itself to warrant re-release.
  7. With its patchwork (and, as of press time, unknown) 1992 sources, the set's neither particularly representative of Young live nor particularly different from the pleasant Harvest Moon album itself (cheering and lack of backing vocals, strings and session hands aside).

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  1. Jul 15, 2011
    Reordered and solo acoustic, this is Harvest Moon live taken from recordings from when he first toured the album in 1992. Some of these cuts come out better than the studio versions ("Dreamin' Man"). An absolute must have for Young fans. Expand