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  • Summary: This second Dntel LP for Jimmy Tamborello (also of the Postal Service and Figurine) features guest vocalists Jenny Lewis, Conor Oberst, Mia Doi Todd, and members of Lali Puna and Fog.
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  1. 91
    What makes Tamborello so special is the fact that his music can stand as comfortably in a Kompakt Records compilation as it can in a room filled with indie nerds. [#25, p.102]
  2. Aside from... one unstructured, unwieldy track, Dumb Luck proves highly smart and skilled.
  3. Dumb Luck isn't quite as cohesive as Dntel's debut was, but it is beautiful and carefully crafted enough to show that none of Tamborello's successes are flukes.
  4. Dumb Luck is likely to appeal more to the indie-rock crowd than electronica purists. [Jun 2007, p.161]
  5. 'Dumb Luck' will numb the pain for an hour, but you'll be buggered if you can remember anything about it afterwards.
  6. There are a handful of moments throughout Dumb Luck where Tamborello seems to forget the burden of expectations enough to overcome his natural reticence—it is somewhat unfortunate these these moments seem to come courtesy of his guests.
  7. It feels like a mix-tape or compilation, an in-joke or doodle between the participants rather than a completed work for public consumption.

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