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  1. The like-minded follow-up enlists Flaming Lips producer Dave Fridmann, who highlights the tingly interplay between acoustic and electronic instruments and the processed vocals, which generally sound like T-Pain tripping his balls off.
  2. Enjoyably dumb and agreeably psychedelic, Eating Us is easy listening for an easy-going season.
  3. Eating Us is at times agreeable to the point of innocuity.
  4. Under The Radar
    It's not quite background and not quite foreground. But probably more background, like a film soundtrack--that could be fixed with just a little more variety. [Spring 2009, p.64]
  5. Black Moth Super Rainbow is unable to even meld the far out periphery around a dreamy passive sound.
  6. Mojo
    The assured Eating Us proves that distractions aren't necessary. [Jul 2009, p.93]
  7. Pittsburgh gene-splicers manage to overcome three minute attention deficit barrier.
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  1. Oct 3, 2011
    Eating Us is the fourth and most recent album by the lovely psychedelic Black Moth Super Rainbow. The bandâ