Electric Arguments - The Fireman
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  • Summary: Paul McCartney returns to record under the Fireman name with this third album produced with Youth.
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 18 out of 23
  2. Negative: 1 out of 23
  1. There are more twists and turns, more textures, than on any other McCartney album in the last 20 years, and if it's a little messy, so be it: it's better to have Paul letting it all hang out instead of hanging back.
  2. 84
    Electric Arguments makes a gravity defying leap from his supine position atop past laurels with an album showcasing incredibly raw rock, complimented by totally-not-cheesy electronic production. [Holiday 2008, p.98]
  3. 80
    Depending on which Paul McCartney you like the most, you may or may not like what he’s done. But the best thing about Electric Arguments is that it sounds like the work of someone who doesn’t give a stuff what people are going to think. About time, too.
  4. Electric Arguments is a worthy addition to the canon of this eccentric gentleman trapped in the body of a pop star.
  5. For the most part, however, this is a gentle hybrid that, while not reaching the heights of either artists' best work, like Eno and Byrne's recent "Everything That Happens Will Happen Today", succeeds on its own terms, creating a new world without sounding too cloyingly contemporary, or too much like the work of ageing pioneers proving they can hang with modern times.
  6. 70
    A few late-album glow-stick groovers abruptly shift the vibe to rave-era bliss, but until then, turn off your mind and float downstream.
  7. Their website trumpets the "pure musical possibilities" of Electric Arguments, but this is heavily laboured hackwork.

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