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  • Summary: Jeffrey Lewis' latest album is his first to be credited with his backing band, The Junkyard.
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  1. At his worst, Lewis can be a wise-ass scold. At his best he's a vulnerable master of the humorously ineffable and a tribute to the humanism of a SUNY education and the Lower East Side.
  2. It's to Lewis's credit that he can credibly convey the romantic notion of hopping on a Greyhound while also moaning about the leg room.
  3. The uptempo tracks are invigorating with their harder guitars and drums, and Lewis' humor abounds, but his slower, softer, acoustic songs are the standouts.
  4. Now 'Em Are I, arriving in the wake of connubial catastrophe, comes chock-full o' rat-clever rhymes and tinny triple entendres that could've been titled Systematic Death (of the Heart).
  5. 'Em Are I is an abandoned puppy of an album that you can't help but take to heart.
  6. He offers soem new aspects, as well, most notably the refined production techniques, which give the album a warmer, more polished feel.
  7. Uncut
    When it works, it doses oso brillantly--but the preponderance of bog standard indie rock elsewhere is sadly less engaging. [May 2009, p.89]

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