Emeritus - Scarface

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  1. 90
    Emeritus concludes Scarface’s tenure as one of the genre’s favorite artists actively recording. It’s a depressing thought, yet this is an album that stands proudly among an already hugely influential back catalogue.
  2. No one will forget after Emeritus, an album that proves Scarface deserves accolades and titles just as much as we deserve for him not to retire.
  3. And yet, that Emeritus often seems more righteous than cynical or hopeless (the latter two are a bit soft) is a testament to Scarface strengthening his flow in age.
  4. Emeritus is not the usual, very serious good-bye record, but in so many ways, it's a typical Scarface record. It's just better than usual with the rapper sounding liberated by his decision to move on.
  5. Scarface remains trapped in the four-cornered room of his mind, but he seems to have found a measure of peace in solitude, turning out quietly masterful albums like this one, and letting time turn him into a weathered monument.
  6. It is also among his breeziest, with just a touch of nimbleness animating his reliably sleepy growl over surprisingly exuberant production.
  7. If this is truly the end for Scarface then Emeritus is a backdoor exit, an unassuming, professional album that quietly gets the job done.
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  1. ChrisS.
    Mar 31, 2009
    As a Houstonian, Face has always been proudly regarded as one of Hip-Hop's Juggernauts, amid the outsiders' opinion of the south. Emeritus confirms that greatness can ascend and not plateau. Amazing production paralelled by astounding lyricism. Scarface is top five dead or alive! Full Review »
  2. GraemeS
    Jan 2, 2009
    Subdued and a little too low-key for my liking. Face at no point reaches the heights scaled in previous albums 'The Diary', 'Mr Scarface...' and 'The Fix'. The three highlights are 'Still Here', 'Unexpected' and 'Emeritus'. The pointless Intro is again ruined by Lil J's boring and dull rambling diatribe. Not bad, just not as good as we've all come to expect from the big man. Full Review »
  3. FrankC
    Dec 10, 2008
    Stands alongside Bun B, Outkast and Lil Wayne as a rare talent in southern rap.