Endless Falls

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  • Summary: The latest ambient album for Scott Morgan, the Canadian producer, features a spoken word track with Destroyer's Dan Bejar.
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  1. Endless Falls is the most complete version of Morgan's vision for Loscil to date. It's an album that's easy to get lost in after a few cursory wanders into the ether, where the amalgamation of barely-musical sounds sucks you in and seems to produce something different every time.
  2. Morgan is back with Loscil's fifth album, the somber Endless Falls, his most austere and least cluttered album yet.
  3. Endless Falls' mix of old and new maintains Morgan's reputation as one of the most consistent, and consistently interesting, producers out there.
  4. What's interesting isn't that an ambient record has suddenly introduced vocals, which is nothing new, or that these vocals are used exclusively for talking rather than singing, which isn't particularly surprising. What's really important is what this talking is totally, explicitly about: rather than just hinting at atmospheres and moods, vaguely suggesting a concept which can be seized upon as the thematic core of the music, Loscil provides what is literally an explanation of an album, which in turn makes the album about the act of its explanation.
  5. Sometimes conceptual ambient albums can feel a bit forced-- Klimek's recent film-centric Movies Is Magic comes to mind-- but here the theme works hand-in-hand with the music.
  6. There's a sort of imposed solipsism here, when tones sometimes seem to have different throb rates depending on the listener's caffeine intake. But Morgan himself is absolutely aware of, and screwing around with, conventions, assumptions, and expectations.
  7. While Endless Falls and its predecessor created an organic sound by including improvised contributions from a small ensemble, the string and piano contributions here stand with classical seriousness.

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  1. Jan 21, 2013
    Some of the highest quality electronic/ambient music. Joy to the ears (Well the only track I do not like is "The Making Of Grief Point" withSome of the highest quality electronic/ambient music. Joy to the ears (Well the only track I do not like is "The Making Of Grief Point" with it's vocals... It does not go well with the rest of the album). For those who like quality music I can only recommend this. Expand