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  • Summary: The two-disc set for the Scottish indie-rock band includes the reissues of two EPs, an LP, several demos, and live tracks recorded in the late 1980s.
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  1. The original sound of "The Way" has been greatly cleaned up here, and a few songs’ endings have been elongated slightly.
  2. So if the first disc of Enter the Vaselines is absolutely essential, the bonus disc is for fanatics only.
  3. Enter the Vaselines serves as a timely reminder of the old ways we found music: for Cobain, one dreams, as a record in a bin somewhere, and for the rest of us, a recommendation from a friend, a cassette loaned around like a dirty one-hitter.
  4. Now, 17 years removed from the original stateside release of the band’s music, this expanded reissue (buttressed with an additional disc of decent live tracks and a few cool demos) gives an entirely new generation of pop fans an excuse to dive into the group’s music.
  5. With their dirty mouths and pretty faces, pop perspicacity and knack for making a bloody racket, there's no question the Vaselines were worth rescuing from obscurity.
  6. 80
    This collects all that, plus demos and live tracks, into a demonstration of how a fabulously obscure Glasgow indie group became one of the most influential of their time. [Jun 2009, p.105]
  7. For those of you who already own "The Way of the Vaselines," this 2009 upgrade’s imperativeness to own is strictly based on your own personal allegiance to the music of Kelly and McKee.

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