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  1. 80
    Entertainment resurrects the group. Their music disconnects, only to connect again.
  2. However modern our world, Fischerspooner continues to give us a reason to listen. [Jun 2009, p.111]
  3. 2009's Entertainment finds the duo reverting somewhat to their more flamboyant origins while still trying to stay current. It's a divergent approach that fortunately works more for the record than against it.
  4. With their third album, Entertainment, they succeed best whenever they are warming up their familiar electro sound with pop elements rather than aping worldly sophistication.
  5. It's far from revolutionary and it's certainly not deep, but as often as not, Entertainment at least manages to live up to its title.
  6. Entertainment, though, sounds tame by anyone's standards; and by eschewing their seedy, sweaty origins in favour of clean-cut pop, they've dumped those elements of their act which made them unique in the first place.
  7. If you have a disdain for pretentious artistes but are looking to dance your ass off while imbibing delicious pop hooks and mostly simple though by no means run-of-the-mill pop lyrics, then just hold your nose and let yourself go.
  8. Things tail off towards the end--'Infidels Of The World Unite' is a clumsy stab at politics, but is so vague it might be about anything-but overall this is impressive enough. [Jun 2009, p.122]
  9. 60
    There's still a stertility to their sound on this third album, but laced with sax, treated guitars and memorable choruses, it ranks as their best. [Jun 2009, p.109]
  10. So Entertainment might be music for their performances, it might be for others' dance performances, but it's not for the dance floor.
  11. Professionalism is the order of the day, and most of Entertainment, recorded over two years and produced by Killers boardman Jeff Satzman, aims for the same middle ground.
  12. As long as Fischerspooner exists, it will likely excel at Entertainment’s titular activity onstage, but the days of that happening on studio albums appear to be waning.
  13. 40
    The surface-heavy results suggest painstakingly remixed outtakes.
  14. All that seems to have been lost over the years of caning from the likes of ‘We Are Electric’ and ‘Danse En France’ are the tunes.
  15. The brashness of the band's seminal debut is gone, and what's left is a band that seems to have rushed an album out only in order to get back on stage to try to make it interesting. [Spring 2009, p.79]
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  1. AdamC
    May 7, 2009
    It's really unfair to review this purely as a music release. Anyone who's seen them live and read their background can tell you It's really unfair to review this purely as a music release. Anyone who's seen them live and read their background can tell you that fischerspooner must be appreciated not only as music but also as a performance art experience culminating from many fields of discipline. That said, this is probably not as musically relevant and solid as their first album nor as accessible as their more sensible second release. Most successful attempts are "The Best Revenge" and "Supply and Demand." Full Review »