Era Extrana - Neon Indian
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  • Band members: Alan Palomo
  • Summary: The chillwave band from Texas returns with another album of experimental pop, recorded during a long Helsinki winter.
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 23 out of 27
  2. Negative: 0 out of 27
  1. Leaping from its 2009 predecessor, Psychic Chasms, with the first notes of 'Heart: Attack', Era Extrana becomes a lesson in how to execute electronic music properly.
  2. 80
    It'd be a daunting feat for anyone to furnish a respectable sophomore LP after the hype of a debut like Psychic Chasms, but Alan Palomo succeeds here, blessed with an innate ability to temper previous charms with present provocations.
  3. Dec 22, 2011
    It's a dream, this pop. [Nov 2011, p.100]
  4. Era Extra├▒a does not flow as smoothly as Psychic Chasms but the influences are in all the right places and it seems that Alan Palomo is wearing them proudly on his sleeve.
  5. Sep 12, 2011
    Part of what makes Era Extrana a great follow-up to Psychic Chasms is that it features the same lazy summer feel that made Neon Indian's debut so popular.
  6. Sep 23, 2011
    It's an agreeable listening experience with moments of catchiness and beauty throughout, and hints of an evolutionary path that leave future expectations open-ended.
  7. Oct 3, 2011
    That an artist's introversion sometimes has to come at the expense of catchy songs is fine. It's the record's lack of variation (a la playful ditties like "Laughing Gas") that weighs down the proverbial whole.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 7 out of 7
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 7
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  1. Jan 20, 2012
    This album pushes Neon Indian's sound forward in a good direction. It continues to explore dreamy psychedelic electric textures, but the production has been upped a bit and the songs are more emotional. They continue to infuse amazing interludes into a coherent album as they did on Psychic Chasms, but it is so much more fluid and engaging here. I listened to Psychic Chasms a lot, but this is just a huge step beyond that. Highlights to me are "Era Extrana" and "Future Sick", but the entire album is really top notch space pop in my opinion. Darker, more developed, and more enjoyable. I think Neon Indian aced it with this album. Expand
  2. Oct 11, 2011
    Going in a positive direction from the last effort, Neon Indian returns sporting a very, lo-fi, 8-bit inspired sound. Electronic in nature, featuring plenty of well-developed ambiance. One of the best of the year, and one of the best chillwave releases as of yet. Very excited to see at Lights All Night in Dallas. Collapse
  3. Feb 22, 2013
    Whereas Psychic Chasms played on the more summer ridden, upbeat agenda, Era Extrana carries a sound that plays with cloudier tones. Its also a louder record at moments, displaying moments of energetic arena rock and noisy guitar riffs. The love of video games is still present and a welcoming flirtation with a bit of a dancier tone, particularly with "Polish Girl" and "Suns Irrupt." This is a wonderful follow-up that shows creative determination to make interesting music. Expand
  4. Sep 21, 2011
    Era Extrana really develops Neon Indian's sound, its a bit more self-conscious in a good way, and it feels more developed than psychic chasms; If Chasms was the fun summery debut than Extrana is the slightly darker artistic statement, more suited for Autumn night drives. Era Extrana might not be as fun, but its just as accomplished, if not more so than NI's debut. Expand
  5. Jan 8, 2012
    It's a little odd for me how this album sounded muck alike MGMT's Oracular Spectacular. Despite that, it is a powerful continuation to the excellent "Psychic Chasms", but, in a second listening, the songs sound the same, like if they little pieces of a huge story. Can't wait for their third album. Expand
  6. Sep 14, 2011
    Nowadays, music genres rise and fall in popularity on a yearly, if not monthly, basis. There was a time when Texas' Neon Indian was the vanguard of "chillwave," named for its dreamy synthwork layered around deliciously nebulous vocals. The group's debut Psychic Chasmsâ Expand
  7. Sep 19, 2011
    Being entirely honest, Era Extraña is a bit of a letdown and clearly recessive. Been waiting for it all summer, my curiosity fed by Polish Girl and Fallout, which at the end of the day come out as the best tracks, yet the entire thing is way more cohesive than Psychic Chasms. Expand