Era Vulgaris - Queens of the Stone Age
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  1. Feb 6, 2014
    It pains me to say that this is "my least favourite QOTSA album", but it probably is. I say this as if it's a bad album, but it really isn't, it's a brilliant album, it's just not as good as their old stuff, which is a pretty stupid insult to be honest.
  2. Jul 1, 2013
    I thought Lullabies to Paralyze was a disappointing album, truthfully. It lacked the QotSA charm and style and seemed rather bland in general. In order to make a triumphant comeback, the QotSA needed to adopted a new and fresh angle on their classic style. And this is exactly what they did.

    Era Vulgaris is one of the best QotSA albums around. Everything about it is unique and downright
    awesome. There's a certain buzzy/fuzzy noise that makes everything sound low budget, but that's just the style they adopted, and it's awesome.
    Songs like "Sick, Sick, Sick" and "3s and 7s" are some of the band's best songs to date, however other more obscure songs like "I'm Designer" also have become some of my favorites.

    Quality music all around. The only songs that are lacking are "Battery Acid" and "Misfit Love". Other than that, everything is golden.
  3. May 28, 2013
    The public knows how to listen. The Metacritic puts them over the criticism is appropriate, in order to raise or lower the value of an album (Village Voice-30??). Do not believe what these guys shove here!
    Many people will follow them, because in reality does not listen music, unfortunately most are well on Metacritic thankfully is not the case, but I believe it would be a good bores up,
    if it were not such asses to vote here too.
    talking about the album over itself, just a song I did not enter the ear and this is the 3 & 7 which happens to be single, but I do not like, only the last few seconds of the song are worth listening to is too commercial for my ears
  4. Jul 24, 2012
    Quirky but hard to love, let's hope it'll be beaten by their upcoming album (this year?! Please!) There's no denying there's something missing between the screeching guitars and bizarre fuzz... Been a long time since Rated R, huh?
  5. j30
    Sep 4, 2011
    Good album from a great band. I was blown away by their earlier work (QOTSA, Rated R, and Songs for the Deaf), nothing has been nearly as good since then. This feels like they're trying to reinvent themselves and I'll be interested to hear where they go from here.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 33 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 27 out of 33
  2. Negative: 1 out of 33
  1. If Lullabies To Paralyze was a strange forest fairytale dusted with desert blues courtesy of Billy Gibbons, Era Vulgaris finds the band holed up in an abandoned funkhouse in the centre of a shady copse, waiting for some strange sexually-contracted fever to pass.
  2. Homme's ever-catchy formula remains, but the mood is uneasy and brooding, with tracks such as 'Sick, Sick, Sick' revealing a venomous new band that's finally learned to separate business and pleasure.
  3. Era Vulgaris is Homme's fifth Queens album, and like the others, it's intricately crafted, meticulously polished and ruthlessly efficient in its pursuit of depraved rock thrills.