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  • Summary: This is the debut full-length album for the singer-songwriter from England.
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  1. Eugene McGuinness has created the perfect musical definition of a grower as opposed to a shower, a subtle nudge instead of a smack in the face, and the album's all the better for it.
  2. Singular pop craftsmen (and women) who can successfully tow the line between commercially viable and artistically sovereign are few and far between in the 21st century, which makes the arrival of Eugene McGuinness a true cause for celebration.
  3. What was once pin drop quiet is now grand; one soon adjusts however as the key to all of the songs here is the inner shell, not the protective exterior.
  4. He puts together a good melody for each of these songs, as effortlessly as Ray Davies and in as nasally a voice.
  5. 60
    It's wittier than it is moving or insightful, but give McGuinness time.
  6. What the 22-year-old does with his whimsical art rock influences is less predictable; the arrangements take the songs in odd directions, piquing interest even when the genre experiments drag.
  7. Let's chalk it up to growing pains and watch how early learnings further develop into an adult style.

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