Eureka - Rooney
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  • Summary: Rooney's third album is its first on the band's own label and the last with bassist Matt Winter, who left the band to pursue a career in medicine.
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  1. You have to remember: optimism doesn't always have to be cliche, and while the band struggles lyrically ("Stars and Stripes" has Robert Schwartzman trying to imitate Joni Mitchell or the Byrds), they still know their strengths.
  2. Eureka lacks the same level of up-tempo explosiveness present in the previous records, but that could have just been the boisterous nature of early, early youth.
  3. Uptempo songs are memorable and hummable, but slower tunes can be repetitive and overly saccharine. [Jul 2010, p.127]
  4. Apart from a few strange detours, Eureka finds Rooney in purgatory, where they bang out some merely-there three-minute pop songs about relationships that fade out over repeated choruses.
  5. Robert Schwartzman's best asset is his gift for breezy melodies, but Eureka's lyrics sag.
  6. If the band were as serious about writing great pop songs as they were about the recording process behind great pop songs, Eureka might have made for an effective career relaunch for Rooney instead of another underwhelming effort.
  7. It appears Rooney's dream record is a lot like every other one the band has made--melodic, upbeat, mightily derivative--except with less catchiness to grasp onto.

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  1. Nov 22, 2010
    This is just another album that proves that there are many alternative bands that try to hard to imitate the hit-makers and fail big-time. "Eureka" has it's slight upsides, but it is very unappealing to any music fan, from any genre. Expand