Everyday Demons - The Answer

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  1. 60
    Everyday Demons ticks all the hard rock boxes. That there isn't a single orginal idea on display here doesn't actually matter. [Mar 2009, p.105]
  2. Apart from two minor issues, the Answer has the right sound and feel on Everyday Demons and that does make them the perfect opener for latter day AC/DC: they work as pleasant appetizer for the main course.
  3. Their second should eclipse even that [100,000 copies of their first album sold], given the songwriting strides they've taken since. [Apr 2009, p.97]
  4. 60
    Their chops aren't superhuman, and groupie-trouble ballads drown Cormac Neeson's high wail. But when they up the tempos, they kick it.
  5. Everyday Demons will satisfy metal fans who are in between favorite albums, but if your tastes don't run along the lines of The Simpsons' Otto the bus driver, you can take a pass.
  6. Their default position is to panel it: hard-driving Zep-worship so unvarying in its pace that Everyday Demons comes on like one long undead riff plus a lot of yawled guff about about being an ‘Evil Man’ with ‘Demon Eyes.'
  7. 40
    It painstakingly captures the carefree spirit of hard rock as you'd have found it halfway down the bill a Reading Rock, 1998. [Apr 2009, p.78]
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  1. Apr 8, 2011
    had high expectations after hearing one of their songs on a single of the week on itunes. started out with the first cd Never too Late. This cd is a few tenths higher rating but i was expecting a bit more. somewhere between Sammy Hagar scream and Robert Plants wail. A band that still has a hell of lot of potential with some songwriting practice but has a small demographic of buyers...good luck Full Review »