Ex Hex - Mary Timony
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  • Summary: Fugazi drummer Brandon Canty produced this third solo disc for ex-Helium leader Timony, who is joined here by guitarist Devin Ocampo.
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  1. It’s particularly satisfying to hear confident music like this, played with the fiery purpose of those who pioneered it over the last two decades.
  2. 83
    The ballads are still as pretty as her fan base of shy piano students and unicorns. [May 2005, p.110]
  3. Ex Hex can't really be called a return to form because Timony never lost it in the first place, but it's probably the most immediately appealing album in her solo career for Helium fans who missed that band's bite on her other albums.
  4. Timony sounds fresh and honest again, instead of encased in the anachronistic amber of songs about dragons, fairies and dungeons.
  5. She's ditched the medieval allusions to dragons and fairies and most of the courtly, classical sound that marked so much of the later Helium material and her early solo material. But what results in many ways sounds like a rehash of her previous work.
  6. When Timony's new formula works, it works fabulously, breathing new life into her material.
  7. Even at her poppiest here, this is still chunky, dissonant, and dense.

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