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  • Summary: The live album contains recordings from the rapper's New York City show on September 24, 2009.
Score distribution:
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  1. Anyone who bought the limited edition of MM..Food? has the video proof, as much of this album is an audio rip of that package's bonus DVD. Redundancy aside, this is a fantastic show fans won't mind revisiting.
  2. This isn't the album to introduce the uninitiated to his unique and often oddball style and flow, but long time fans will appreciate this slice of history as proof that Dumile really does rap his own concerts and doesn't send out impostors under his famed Metal Face.
  3. Nothing on Expektoration trumps the studio versions, but the disc serves as a potent reminder of the depth and richness of DOOM's catalog, while interludes, plus an intermission involving the difficulties of learning Klingon, illustrate DOOM's warped sense of humor.
  4. In the final analysis, none but the most diehard fan will find this to be a more pleasurable listening experience than any of the excellent studio records he's put out over the past decade. It's not bad, necessarily. It's just inessential.
  5. Expektoration is DOOM at his live-show peak, and people who go into this knowing this set's from six years back might feel a bit more charitable. But releasing a concert album with an "Act 1"/"Intermission"/"Act 2" structure instead of a telltale tracklist, and obscuring its actual place in a years-distant history? That's not supervillainy, that's antagonism.
  6. Expektoration offers a strong tracklist, heavy with fan favorites (opener "Hoe Cakes," "Accordion," "Rhymes Like Dimes") and peppered with rarities ("People Places & Things," "Change the Beat"), but it's not the type of strength you can't feel from going back to the originals.
  7. Dec 22, 2010
    As a prank or a statement, Expekoration is a particularly lazy one. [Dec 2010, p.50]
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