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  • Summary: The indie rock band's first full-length releases in the US was originally self-released at its concert tour.
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  1. Exposion challenges us to rethink the limitations of a song, and thusly rewards us with an album unlike any other this year.
  2. Exposion isn't so easily characterized--and the group comes off as more versatile, more than DIY Nuggets throwbacks.
  3. The pop sensibility behind all this sprawling, sweaty R&B, mixed with a heavy dose of the roadrunner speed and snarl of garage punk, is what drives the haphazard beauty of this album.
  4. The album accurately captures a stagebound aesthetic that’s messy by design and constitutionally wary of settling into a single groove for too long.
  5. 70
    Favoring a bright, treble-heavy guitar attack, the group skew their arrangements in ways that feel more canny than contrived.
  6. 70
    This Austin trio makes a uniquely wigged-out noise, like genuine Lone Star lone wolves, mixing psychedelic boogie and spastic punk (á la ’80s titans the Minutemen) into shifty, sharp songs that whirl by like tornados with ADD.
  7. Under The Radar
    A few missteps prevent this from being a really good album. [Winter 2008]

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