Fallen House Sunken City

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  • Summary: The Rhode Island-based artist who began as a slam poet releases his latest hip hop album produced by Alias.
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  1. It takes a liner note and lyric look-along to absorb the full dose, but "Marvin" clicks immediately. Same goes for the thoughtfully morbid "Border Crossing" and "Kitchen Sink," on which Dolan throws everything from introspection to a wee bit of bounce.
  2. Whatever magic Eric B. and Rakim had is nothing compared to B. Dolan and Alias. In a world growing more cynical by the day, Fallen House, Sunken City is a beacon of hope, as empowering and cerebral as it is worthy of bumping and grinding.
  3. He's aided in this task by Anticon genius Alias, who produced the entire record--his spastic, head-nodding beats are so good, that they occasionally overshadow the headliner. However, that's not due to any lack of talent on Dolan's part, who's on the top of his game throughout the disc.
  4. Alias's production merely compounds the record's dense and oppressive aesthetic. The tracks tend to bleed into each other musically, one grainy backing indistinguishable from the next.
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