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  • Summary: 'Fear' is the second solo disc for the unique Los Angeles-based MC (born Regan Farquhar), who is backed here by beats from Daedelus, Danger Mouse, and others.
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  1. Sonically, Fear Of A Black Tangent represents a massive leap forward for Busdriver.
  2. 83
    The rapper's inborn goofiness just gives his words more bite. [Mar 2005, p.85]
  3. His delivery is exhilarating, but it made me nervous, jittery. It’s kind of like Miles Davis scatting, but instead of a trumpet he’s playing the entire writing staff of The Simpsons.
  4. Busdriver is either an emcee from the future or the future of the emcee.
  5. He typically sounds like David Allan Grier with amyl nitrate in the air. Our man raps in an "ohmygawd this is sooo ridiculous" tone that can make you either think he is a jackass or a jester. My instincts say it's the latter.
  6. The album is one of the few anti-industry freakouts that have appealed to me on both a conceptual and musical level, so whether or not you are familiar with Busdriver’s skittering flow or innovative song structure, it’s worth the time to see why he’s so damn mad after all.
  7. The negativity removes the focus from Busdriver's sizable musical talents and rests it squarely on his lyricism and themes (not a good idea).

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  1. HansvanD.
    Mar 24, 2005
    This guy is awesome. Clever, witty, and an excellent rapper. Listen to this is you like good music.
  2. scott
    Mar 30, 2005
    This is one of those albums that manages to gain many fans outside it's intended audience. Regardless of your feellngs on rap and hip hop check this album out. Check out the lyric booklet before you pass off the quick rapping as a novelty. He's just packing all his thoughts in as little time as possible. One of the best so far this year. Collapse