Fed - Plush

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  1. 100
    Fed is beautifully excessive, ornamented with dazzling soul/pop arrangements. [Sep 2008, p.114]
  2. As nourishing as it is satisfying, Fed will leave you craving more.
  3. Hayes’ performance on this album is so stellar one wonders why others don’t shoot this high.
  4. For Fed, [Hayes] recruited everyone from veteran R&B arranger Tom Tom MMLXXXIV to jazz session drummer Morris Jennings to stalwart indie noisemaker Steve Albini to create a record as rich, complex, and ornate as the previous record was simple and spare.
  5. With Fed, Liam Hayes seems to know that he has made an overly ambitious, maybe even hubristic album. He also doesn’t seem to care much about that, making it that much more appealing.
  6. 80
    Fed is something of a lost classic. [Sep 2008, p.123]
  7. Ingenuity and sincerity (two things in which Hayes excels) are priceless, and the sum of the parts is quite a masterpiece indeed.
  8. I believe that if you can get past the record’s obvious shortcomings, there is quite a bit of beauty to be found.
  9. Plush's vision was obviously reaching beyond his abilities when making this album, and though that's commendable--better to try and fail than not try at all--sometimes you acheive less on the road to greatness.
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  1. Oct 2, 2010
    If Liam Hayes intended his second album to be ambitious, inspiring and gripping then he succeeded superbly. Right from the opening chord 'Fed' is a powerful piece of work, the whole album merging together as almost a symphony of guitar strings, percussion, brass and Hayes' course, gentle vocals. The music crescendos and falls, dragging your emotions with it, with lyrics that are simultaneously cryptic yet touching. A piece of originality and ingenuity that never lets up, Fed deserves far beyond the success it will surely get. Full Review »