Feel That Fire

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  • Summary: The Arizona country singer releases his fourth studio album with Capitol Nashville.

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Feel That Fire
She wants her nails painted black She wants the toy in the crackerjack She wants to ride the bull at the rodeo She wants to wear my shirt to bed She... See the rest of the song lyrics
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  1. On Feel That Fire he's found the midpoint between mirth and mope, as characteristic country barn-burners like the screw-it-'n'-drink sing-along of 'Sideways' mingle with themes of faith and fidelity to generate his most complete album yet.
  2. Dierks Bentley wants to be everything to every country-music fan, and for the most part, he pulls it off.
  3. His exceptional new album has plenty of sex and senoritas, but also a higher calling on the uplifting 'It's a Beautiful World,' a duet with Patti Griffin.
  4. The album would be an enjoyable enough lightweight ride without those moments, but when they come, they are welcome. They also give the album an air of missed opportunity.
  5. Trouble is, there's never been an ounce of menace in his boy-next-door vocals, so there's a credibility gap in those performances, no matter how catchy they are.
  6. Mr. Bentley still never colors far outside the lines, and his already smooth voice has been polished to a sheen here.
  7. Having good taste in collaborators and influences doesn't make up for how often Bentley repeats himself here though, and it isn't enough to keep Feel That Fire from being more than a tremendous disappointment.

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  1. jdw
    Feb 3, 2009
    AMAZING! why such harsh reviews???