Fly Or Die - N.E.R.D. [The Neptunes]
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  • Summary: N.E.R.D., the rock-oriented trio of Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo (who also make up the in-demand hip-hop production team The Neptunes) and Shay, return with a highly-anticipated second album. Unlike their previous effort, 'Fly' finds Chad & Pharrell handling the instrumentation themselves.
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  1. Positive: 12 out of 22
  2. Negative: 2 out of 22
  1. 100
    Fly Or Die has more in common with 10cc and XTC than it does Common.... Prog-pop album of the year. [Jun 2004, p.91]
  2. If rock is rap's new sonic sandbox, then N.E.R.D.'s crazy-strange second album, Fly Or Die, makes them the unlikely heirs to, of all people, Steely Dan. [2 Apr 2004, p.62]
  3. Williams has clearly approached 'Fly Or Die' as the kind of project where the central aim is to show us all how clever he is, and as he flits from musical style to style like a hungry pop bee, you're pounded into submission because HE IS JUST SO GODDAMN GOOD AT EVERYTHING.
  4. While Mr. Williams isn't much of a singer, "Fly or Die" has goofy charms to spare.
  5. They sound like they sincerely believe the greatest thing that ever happened to rock & roll is Sammy Hagar's solo career.
  6. 58
    In their eagerness to show off the range of their toolbox, they stumble. [May 2004, p.101]
  7. On their own, N.E.R.D. are the hip-hop Toto.

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