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  1. Lambert sounds larger than life on these, just like he wants to be, and if there’s no sense of danger here, at least there’s a lot of pure pop pleasure here, more than any immediate post-Idol album has ever delivered.
  2. It’s a series of hedged bets. It stuffs Lambert into a box of formulas that keep his musical flamboyance in check.
  3. If For Your Entertainment's material sometimes wears him rather than vice versa, he's still the belle of what turns out to be one heck of a glitter-pop ball.
  4. For Your Entertainment is a polished affair, but stylistically, it shows Lambert running loose like a kid in a Comme des Garçons store.
  5. Musically it’s a gloriously tacky mix of dance pop and hair metal, and we mean that in the best way possible....The only problem is that he doesn’t go far enough, likely the result of the label trying to tone down his flamboyance.
  6. The songs sound great but feel strangely stuffy--Entertainment seems like a disc that was overthought.
  7. Over the course of the album's 14 tracks, Lambert struts and vamps and brings a real sense of spectacle to his vocal performances.
  8. 70
    Everyone from Lady Gaga to Muse chips in here with perhaps the strongest, most flavorful batch of tunes to reach an AI vet, and Lambert's polymorphous vocal skills unite dancefloor strut and hard-rock pomp in a convincing glam package.
  9. Lambert’s ambition and undeniable vocal chops make it easy to forgive an occasionally over-reaching record that ultimately feels like a rough draft for an interesting career.
  10. This is an overwrought, clunky, only sparingly entertaining record, constantly in argument with itself. Worse, 'For Your Entertainment' isn’t an ambitious flop, it’s a conservative one.
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  1. GinaS
    Dec 2, 2009
    Adam Lambert's debut album is aptly titled. Rarely do I buy full CDs, as I only like a few tracks as a rule. On FYE, I'm hard pressed to even pick my favorite songs. There are only one or two that I don't love (Time for Miracles doesn't really fit with the vibe of the other songs) Lambert's vocals are incredible, and his dance tunes make great workout songs. This is a great album, and I highly recommend it. Full Review »
  2. Sep 18, 2013
    great album full of good songs like for your entertainment,fever,whataya want from me and there is so much glam rock influence in the album you can tell that by listening to the songs Full Review »
  3. May 28, 2012
    Great Choice Of Singles
    Great Voice
    Great Debut Album