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  • Summary: Originally called Peggy Sue And The Pirates, the British trio shortened its name to just Peggy Sue for its debut full-length release.
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  1. Peggy Sue have firmly moved from kooky and wonky soul-smith-stresses to blazing a path through fully realised songs waging war with life.
  2. Unusually for a debut album, there's not a dud track here, and even the less immediate tracks such as February Snow work their way into your brain after a few plays.
  3. Mostly, though, they combat melancholy with some startlingly abrasive, PJ Harvey-style guitars, giddy whirls of accordion, and a thrilling array of clattering, thundering, sharp and snappy percussion from their show-stealing drummer, Olly Joyce.
  4. Naming your band after one of the most famous rock & roll songs of the '50s takes a lot of chutzpah, but this trio pulls it off with a soulful, minimalist sound that's all their own.
  5. More often than not, Peggy Sue derive passion from poignancy, taking their listeners on a journey that makes having a broken heart interesting again.
  6. Over the course of twelve tracks the dual female vocals transport and transcend into beautiful plateaus of heartbreak and hoedowns with a gritty edge unrivalled by their peers.
  7. On their amiably unvarnished debut, they're a bit punky, a little folky, even a bit rockabilly, but always refreshingly themselves. [May 2010, p.126]

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