Full Circle - Boyz II Men
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  • Summary: The hugely successful R&B group's first Arista release is typical Boyz II Men, meaning plenty of vocal harmonies and ballads.
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  1. Not extraordinary music, but music that hits the nail right on the head of what constitutes good R&B: flawless vocals, opulent harmonies, and easy, reliable melodies.
  2. Corny soul pitfalls are navigated via satisfying hooks which erupt every time the four-part harmonies kick in. [Sep 2002, p.101]
  3. 60
    The gorgeous arrangements are still firmly in place, and the wavery vocals more earnest than ever. [#9, p.143]
  4. 50
    This time, their quiet storm sounds like it's lost its thunder. There are no big emotional booms on the ballad-heavy album, just a confluence of harmless little raindrops and heartstring tugs.
  5. The Philadelphia quartet continues to believe that barbershop harmonies, sugary ballads and New Jack Swing beats are where it's at. It ain't.
  6. It's a shame that an album so impossible to dislike is equally impossible to remember later.
  7. Rhyme schemes are frequently sophomoric, the production is already slightly dated, and the monotony of down-tempo songs is barely broken by cliched floor-stompers about Escalades and playa haters.

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  1. EdleneH
    Jan 26, 2004
    This cd is tastefully done. A class act! I'm quite sure to hip hop head critics, Boyz II Men is out dated. Any group that doesn't display booty shakers & sing about just that aren't what's in. Please... B II M are still the reigning male group out, yesterday, today & forevermore!! Expand

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