Gallowsbird's Bark - The Fiery Furnaces
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  • Summary: Unlike Jack and Meg White, this brother-sister garage-blues duo really are brother and sister. 'Gallowsbird's Bark' marks the full-length debut for New Yorkers Eleanor and Matthew Friedberger after several years touring with the likes of Spoon, The Kills and French Kicks.
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  1. A fantastic debut album that only gets richer and better with more listens, Gallowsbird's Bark is more fully formed and daring than most second or third albums from many bands.
  2. Plays like a big, half-drunken romp through golden-era rock 'n' roll-- airy and thrilling and shifty as hell.
  3. A unique musical vision with a genuinely unique and beautifully skewed worldview to boot.
  4. They're loose, quirky, and rocking. [Listen 2 This supplement, Nov 2003, p.41]
  5. It’s an album full of aggressive piano, golden rock and roll and warbled, disturbed lyrics.
  6. 70
    The Furnaces play with a whimsical charm, so the band seems more like an arts-and-crafts project than an occupation. [Nov 2003, p.113]
  7. Every song is a piano recital, a punk rock concert, a tone poem, an art project, a dizzying expanse of white noise, a beautiful mess. But over Gallowbird's Bark, you begin to wonder the appeal of it all.

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