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  • Summary: Mark Wright helped produce the California-born country singer-songwriter's eighth studio album.

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Get Off On The Pain
I don't know why I love women That love to do me wrong Don't know why my life sounds like A heartbroke country song I ain't really happy Unless the... See the rest of the song lyrics
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  1. The artist's familiar smoky vocals and the consistently rich production draw the listener in on his latest release, "Get Off on the Pain."
  2. Get Off on the Pain is the year’s best country album so far, almost as brilliantly anguished as Mr. Allan’s 2003 masterpiece, “See if I Care.”
  3. The material explores a broader range of complex and wrenching emotions, and it marks the most consistent set of songs Allan has yet recorded.
  4. There’s several superlatives that could embellish Get Off on the Pain: contender for year’s end best of list, insightful and rare look into a singer’s psyche, a collection of top-grade Country music or soulful purging. All of them apply, and then some.
  5. Allan had a hand in co-writing five of the songs on Get Off on the Pain, which will likely go down as one of the best albums of his career.
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