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  1. Nov 15, 2013
    An awkward affair. Sounds like what it is. A release of newly recorded previously unreleased material.

    Only ones that should have seen the
    light of day are "Soul Searchin'", "You've Touched Me", "Gettin' In Over My Head", "Saturday Morning In The City" and "Don't Let Her Know She's An Angel".

    Even these tracks are a laborious listen.
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  2. SeamusS
    Mar 30, 2006
    I, as many die hard Brian Wilson fans, can recognize his genius from his fun stuff. This is fun stuff, straight up. There's not alot of depth to it. It's got a nice feeling and gives you (somewhat) of an Idea as to what he's going to do on smile. There's some humor and some beauty. Not enough beauty to be a masterpeice though. Full Review »
  3. VictorVictor
    Oct 23, 2004
    I am one of the longest Brian Wilson Fans- I grew up around the corner from Brian, and loved each and every work he produced. I am 53 and follow him from my youth. He is a genius- things happen and this album sucks. I think it should be renamed, "Get Those Other Folks Outa My Life" I could not even finish listening too it. Brian is still there and one one wonderful, but this is not him- odd, I kind of knew it before I got the album, really odd, it sent off a vibe- I am just listening to the album now, and it took me a long time to come to it. Some wrong management seems to be around Brian- Smile, while having nice pieces was released(i got it too!- my son sent to to me for my birthday- he a Marine in Iraq-and you can listen to it- and it was never complete, which was why brian never released it. The fact that is was released now, tell us more about people who want money than who is controlling the art- gets me to wondering. Yes, the album sucks, if left alone Brain can produce wonderful works still, he just needs the time, place and peace. Full Review »