Girls And Weather

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  • Summary: The debut album for the English quartet was produced by Tony Hoffer.
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  1. 80
    The Rumble Strips are so contagiously charged up that it's tempting to overlook their pathetic mind-set.
  2. Alternative Press
    The Rumble Strips are often seen as Two-Tone ska revivalists when truthfully the sound is more like Wreckless Eric doing Memphis soul with occasional stops in Michigan to raid the vaults at Motown. [Sep 2008, p.159]
  3. A whole album of these sort of showy gestures would likely prove exhausting, but the Strips are careful not to overdo it, and Girls and Weather is stacked with singles that condense the band's energy and enthusiasm into more compact bursts of joy.
  4. In the times today, it’s good that there are bands bringing the mood up.
  5. It’s Waller’s voice--one that proved too powerful an entity for his former band, Vincent Vincent And The Villains--that stops The Rumble Strips from being mere Dexys copyists.
  6. While not all of the songs are so wide-eyed 'Time' is about resigning oneself to a life of domestic boredom--the Strips tend to keep things bouncy and light.
  7. So while they aren't 'middle of the road' yet, their rumble needs to find a direction of their own before finding their speed limit.

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